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  • 2019СѧӢռǣϧʱ An English proverb says that time is money I consider it (this) wrong Why Because we all know that we can earn money be work but can not in any way get back time
  • 2019СѧӢռǣҵ Yesterday was my birthday so some of my classmates sent me presents Mother prepared a tea party for me I invited all of them to e and take part in itThe tea par
  • 2019-04-062019СѧӢռǣ
    2019СѧӢռǣ It is a matter of course that industry will bring us success wealth and good luck I am sure that a hard-working person can always succeed in the work which he wants to
  • 2019СѧӢռǣõĽ We all wish (hope) to be happy so we should take good care of our health Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess Money can do many things but it
  • 2019СѧӢռǣǮ Everybody wishes (hopes) to get money so that he can maintain his livelihood In other words money is so useful that it is impossible for mankind to live without it For
  • 2019СѧӢռǣ԰ The zoo is the most interesting place that I have ever seen in my whole life It is like a garden which shows (exhibits) various kinds of animals birds and insects I
  • 2019СѧӢռǣζȹ No sooner had the summer vacation begun than I returned to my native town Of course I must make good use of it otherwise I would incur the displeasure of my p
  • 2019СѧӢռǣ֪ʶ If we have no knowledge we cannot succeed in doing any work Why Because knowledge is power With knowledge we have conquered nature and invented steamers t
  • 2019СѧӢռǣѡȡ A man who is careful in choosing friends will certainly derive benefit from them Why Because there are more false friends than real ones in this world To have one
  • 2019-04-062019СѧӢռǣ
    2019СѧӢռǣ I do not know the reason why some people want to get up late They will never have the opportunity to enjoy (of enjoying) the fresh air and calmness of the morning Thi
  • 2019СѧӢռǣڼ There is not a (no) thrifty man but bees a rich man sooner or later Why Because he will not spend such money as is unnecessary Little by little his money will accumul
  • 2019СѧӢռǣһ It was a sunny day todaywhen i got up in the morningi decided to see my grandparents.so i took the bus got there at noonthey were happy to see me and I was
  • 2019СѧӢռǣͬѧdzȥ I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn t go to someplace special.
  • 2019СѧӢռǣһȤ Last night I had an interesting dream.In the dream I accidentally got a magic pen with which I could write beautiful Chinese characters.Then I took part in a call
  • 2019СѧӢռǣ弦Making a Scrambled Egg Lingling asked her friends to come to her home. She wanted to make something nice for them to eat. She just learned how to make a scrambled egg. She
  • 2019СѧӢռǣ˵һ Today my parents took me to mygrandfather s home. I talked with my grandfather for a little while and then Iplayed with my brothers and sisters. After a while m
  • 2019СѧӢռǣҵToday I m in Charge Today my parents were not at home they had something to deal with so they left me alone. I was so happy because I could be in charge in my ow
  • 2019СѧӢռǣҵĹ It was the second day of our summer holiday. I felt good. I felt I m free. I had a lot of time to do things I like. My parents are in Beijing. So I live alone but I don
  • 2019СѧӢռǣ糿 This morningi woke up with a start my clock was alarming. unwillingly opened my eyes i found it was 630 already.nevertheless the room was very gloomy for
  • 2019СѧӢռǣιۿƼ It was fine today Lily and I went to visit the Science Museum. It is about two kilometers away from our homes so we decided to go there by bike. We set off at 8 o
  • 2019СѧӢռǣùһ I watched television late last night so I woke up late. My mother asked me to go to the market to buy some eggs for her. When I played with a little dog on the street
  • 2019-04-062019СѧӢռǣ
    2019СѧӢռǣ Today I came to the breakfast. See the lads with chopsticks busy busy. So I took a seat a young man walked to come over and ask me to eat something so I had a bowl of
  • 2019-03-282019СѧӢռǣ
    2019СѧӢռǣ It was a fine day today and the sun was bright. I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmate He Song. The animals were so interesting that all the people loved them. When
  • 2019СѧӢռǣOn the way to school This morning my father took me to school by bike. I sat at the back of the bike eating a banana. After I ate it up I threw the skin onto the street ra
  • 2019СѧӢռǣүү Today is my grandpa s birthday. our family went back to my grandpa s home in the morning. we got together to have a big family dinner to celebrate his birthday. we bo
  • 2019СѧӢռǣȥ̼ҳԽ Saturday my grandma made dumplings one of the dumplings like obedient little ducks swimming in the bowl. My in the mind have a little not to eat them. But the
  • 2019СѧӢռǣһι Last Saturday--April 28th my classmates and I went to the park near my school. Can you guess what we did thereNot for amusement but to take part in a volunteer
  • 2019СѧӢռǣװ Today I saw a roadside beggar. He is a middle-aged man only two arms and no legs. His arms come the hard ground prowling also holding the hand of a begging bowl
  • 2019СѧӢռǣrainy day Yesterday I decided to go outside for picnic but unfortunately it suddenly rained.I felt very disappointed but I knew one thing next time when I decide to
  • 2019СѧӢռǣHave You Read Books Today Li Ming is my classmate he is always the best student in my class. The teachers speak highly of him all the time. I wondered how he can do so well
  • 2019СѧӢռǣζȹҵ The summer vacation had come round again. I was happy that I could forget about school at least for a while. Lest I fool around all through this summer vacati
  • 2019СѧӢռǣİDz It goes without saying that work without rest will do harm to health In other words we had better take sufficient recreation to relax after workThere is no do
  • 2019СѧӢռǣɹҪ I would rather suffer hardships than fail In other words to achieve success is my only desire We all know that there are many factors of success Now let me writ
  • 2019СѧӢռǣҵ־ Whatever a man s status is (may be) he must have an aim If not he can hardly stand on his own two feet in the world That stands to reasonHowever important fam
  • 2019СѧӢռǣUnhappy I watched television late last night so I woke up late My mother asked me to go to the market to buy some eggs for her When I played with a little dog on the street
  • 2019СѧӢռǣBuy a mobile phone The screen of my father s mobile telephone is broken When you open the mobile telephone the screen is always white with light You can t see from the scr
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